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We make it a reality - Our unique LiDAR on Chip solution at 1550nm can be integrated anywhere. With a detection range over 300 meters, it is designed for mass production and will be available to the industry at a very competitive price.

Seven reasons that prove the leading position

of our FMCW LiDAR on chip solution:

High reliability

The integration of a silicon wafer platform eliminates error-prone assembly and calibration steps.

High pixel rate

The core of the system concept is its scalability to high pixel rates through efficient multiplexing.

Long range

In coherent ranging, every photon returned from the object to the detector counts. This high sensitivity enables efficient object detection over long distance.

Simultaneous range & velocity

The distance and speed of the object are measured simultaneously for each pixel, which improves object detection capabilities.


Coherent ranging is neither disturbed by sunlight nor by incoming LiDAR systems.

Compact size and low cost at volume

Coherent ranging allows the integration of the lasers, detectors, and a large part of the optical components on a silicon wafer platform via photonic integration.

Fast time to market

We use existing and mature processes suitable for mass production related to photonic integration components.

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In this whitepaper, you will learn everything necessary to evaluate the most promising FMCW LiDAR system in detail.
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Backed by

ZEISS | SCANIA | PhotonDelta 
ZEISS Ventures has been committed to us from our inception. And in May 2021, Scania Growth Capital joined as an investor. This investment has been made because of Scantinel's technology leadership in its field and the progress of autonomous technologies in the heavy truck industry. In November 2022, PhotonDelta, a leading photonics eco-system joined as a new investor.

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Game changer for every autonomous journey.

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