we are building the bridge to future mobility

We make it a reality - Our unique LiDAR on Chip solution at 1550nm can be integrated anywhere. With a detection range over 300 meters, it is designed for mass production and will be available to the industry at a very competitive price.

The Future of Mobility

We are devoted in the development of next-generation solid-state LiDAR sensors, focusing on utilizing our patented FMCW LiDAR technology to provide new dimensions of data information.

We are committed to applying FMCW LiDAR range and velocity measurement technology to full-autonomous driving applications.

Here you can find out why our approach will determine the industry status of the future.

Optical Enhanced Array (OEA™)

Immune to Interference

Maximum Integration

Optical Enhanced Array (OEA™)

Our Optical Enhanced Array (OEA™) system delivers outstanding scanning results, with an effective detection range of more than 300 meters. This ground-breaking full-solid scanning technology paves the way for future autonomous driving.

2 . Immune to Interference 

Our LiDAR system can effectively deal with bad weather conditions, such as fog, rain, snow, etc., and coherent ranging is not interfered by other LiDAR systems or external light sources (sunlight). In addition, direct velocity information is acquired instantly for every single measured pixel. Such advanced combination brings the safety awareness to an unprecedented level.
Autonomous Car Scanning Road

3. Maximum Integration

The highly integrated wafer-level PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuit) is implemented to significantly reduce the cost, size and weight of the LiDAR system. Our approach is based on standard CMOS technology and production can be quickly scaled up. We have a modular and flexible concept based on our Optoelectronics Core Module (OCM™). This is crucial because it can fit in any OEM eco-system. This also includes scalability in regards of signal processing, algorithms, and architecture. And finally our modular and flexible concept can easily be adapted for different use-cases and applications.

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In this whitepaper, you will learn everything necessary to evaluate the most promising FMCW LiDAR system in detail.
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