Written by Dr. Michael Richter 

FMCW LiDAR: The ultimate sensing technology for autonomous mobility

Scantinel Photonics discusses about FMCW LiDAR on the "Future of Mobility" Podcast Show

Ulm, Germany, March 08, 2022 – Scantinel Photonics' Managing Director Dr. Michael Richter recently sat with FEV's Brandon Bartneck to discuss the evolving FMCW LiDAR on the "Future of Mobility" Podcast Show.

Key topics in this conversation include:

  • The difference between frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LiDAR and time of flight (TOF) LiDAR
  • How FMCW provides greater sensing range, velocity data, and object detection information
  • The massive potential of photonic semiconductors
  • The path to mass market adoption for FMCW LiDAR

Listen Here:

About Future of Mobility:

The Future of Mobility podcast is focused on the development and implementation of safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions, with a spotlight on the people and technology advancing these fields.

Michael’s Bio:

Dr. Michael Richter is Scantinel’s Commercial Managing Director in charge of strategy, finance, investor relations, and sales & marketing. He has a long-lasting senior international management background in the semiconductor, sensor and high-tech industry with a successful history of formulating and implementing sustainable business plans, organizations, and techniques. Michael holds a Doctoral and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from University of Siegen in Germany.

About Scantinel Photonics GmbH

Founded in 2019 and based in Ulm, Germany, Scantinel Photonics GmbH is a leading FMCW LiDAR company offering next-generation LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles. Scantinel is backed by ZEISS Ventures and Scania Growth Capital.

Michael Richter

Dr. Michael Richter

Phone: +49 731 7908 2690 

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